Sailing is Always the Answer

Sailing is Always the Answer


    It is very common to hear people say that one day they want to give everything up and just sail around the world. And most of the time, this is a statement that they do when they are overwhelmed, few are the ones that actually do it.

    Whenever we get anxious by our everyday responsibilities, or face difficulties, we tend to think of people, moments and places that make us happy and can for a little while offer us a moment of relaxation and fuel us with more energy - we feel the urgent need to get to our “happy place”.

    Our lives inevitably consist of a lot of stress and anxiety. We are now, for the first time, coming across terms such as “fomo-fear of missing out”.

    We want to do it all and do it now.

    Be happy, be successful, surround ourselves with people that love and support us and of course be up to date with the latest trends, technology, and news. It is as if we have entered a race that we can no longer exit.

    Things are changing every day and we are in the middle of it trying to keep up.

    Therefore, a quiet moment away from the city and in harmony with nature seems ideal. And it is.

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    Sailing offers a sense of freedom that one rarely comes across.

    Imagine you and your loved ones being in the middle of the sea, travelling and approaching destinations that are otherwise unreachable.

    Your skipper is always with you, ready to help and guide you when needed.

    He is a new friend among your company, a professional that takes both your fun and safety very seriously.

    It is sunny and the breeze balances the temperature of your body, you can dive into the sea at any time and change destinations without having to do anything.

    You are sitting amongst your friends, sharing a drink, having a laugh or a beautiful discussion with no distractions or interruptions. You keep travelling, reaching a new harbor or even discovering a hidden gem.

    A long-anticipated arrival, a new adventure. You don't have to pack, constantly be on the move and arrange for different places to stay, you have everything with you. The yacht is your home, your transportation, your restaurant, your safe place, and the ideal place to party.

    Everything is taken care of in advance. You just share your thoughts and needs with your skipper and together you create a tailor-made cruise just for you. You only answer a few questions, such as “How many days are you interested in travelling? What kind of yacht would you prefer? How many people? Where would you like to travel? What kind of activities would you like your experience to include?” and everything is settled, you just sit back, relax and enjoy.


    Let your dreams set sail and create some unforgettable memories.


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