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Yacht chartering

  • Yacht Chartering for a Weekly Sailing Experience in Halkidiki & North Aegean

    How would you feel if somebody told you that you could spend your vacations at a room literally on the sea?

    If you could visit 3-4 islands without thinking of how you will carry all your luggage with you?

    If you could reach isolated beaches without asking for anybody’s help?

    Too good to be true! But in reality, so simple!

    Our yacht chartering services give you the opportunity to experience an unforgettable, unique, joyful trip at a reasonable price.

    Flexible, constantly next to you we provide luxury yachts , we create the trips route and everything else is always adjusted to your preferences.

    The basic advantage one has when choosing to spend his vacation on a sailing yacht, is the freedom of choices.

    We offer both bareboat and skippered charters!

    Bareboat Charters in Greece

    If you already have sailing experience, then a bareboat charter is definitely for you.
    Our yachts come fully equipped for bareboat charters without skipper or crew.

    The fleet consisted of leading-edge owned yachts that were carefully chosen to provide safety, comfort and luxury to you and your family.

    In addition the yearly boat maintenance is always done under the exact instructions of the constructors and guarantees you quality and exceptional comfort at each and every one of our trip

    Choose the dates the destination and the yacht of your preference and live the sailing dream !

    Skippered Charters in Greece

    Many of our clients have no sailing experience prior to their trips.
    This shouldn’t stop you. Sailing should be accessible for everyone.
    A skipper will handle your boat for the week.

    They are expert sailors and knowledgeable about each destination ensuring you get the most out of your holiday. Think of your skipper as an extra friend aboard your yacht who will stay with you throughout.

    Live the ultimate sailing experience in our skippered charters all over Greece !

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